Meshroom2Blender is an add-on that imports AliceVision Meshroom data files, including cameras, images, sparse point clouds, and object files into Blender.

Key features:

  • Import Meshroom Data: Allows for the import of various Meshroom data files into Blender.
  • Sparse Point Cloud Import: To import a sparse point cloud, users should change the output in the StructureFromMotion node to .ply format.
  • Import Options: Includes settings to import views from the StructureFromMotion node, images from the PrepareDenseScene node, cameras, sparse point clouds, dense meshes, and textured meshes.
  • Camera Settings Copy: Offers an additional option to copy settings from the active camera to all Meshroom cameras.
  • Basic Implementation: The add-on currently uses only the first nodes from the file and assumes that each stage/node has been computed with the output remaining the same.
  • Usage: Users can import Meshroom data by selecting ‘Import Meshroom’ from the File menu or using the [F3] shortcut.