Mesh-Utils is designed to detect intersecting or overlapping geometry in Blender. It operates based on the context, sensitive to vertex, edge, and face mode. The tool employs KDTree for detecting duplicates in vertex, edge, and face, and BVHTree for face intersections.

Key Features:

  • Context-Sensitive Operation: Adapts to vertex, edge, and face mode for precise functionality.
  • Use of KDTree/BVHTree: Employs KDTree for duplicate detection and BVHTree for face intersections.
  • Overcoming BVHTree Limitations: Implements a unique approach to avoid false positive and undetected scenarios in BVHTree.
  • Select Interior Faces (AO Bake): Utilizes AO map baking to select interior faces, aiding in the identification of hidden geometry.
  • Application in Boolean Workflows: Facilitates easy management of slices and n-gon intersections in boolean workflows.
  • Versatile Use: Applicable to any form of intersecting geometry, enhancing the ease of managing complex models.