Mesh Maze

Mesh Maze enables users to turn mesh objects into detailed mazes by harnessing the inherent geometry of the object. The add-on provides an array of configurable parameters to ensure customization and flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Random Seed: Allows for the generation of diverse mazes on the same mesh selection.
  • Braid: Configures the presence of dead ends and loops in the maze layout.
  • Boundary Wall Type: Adjusts the style of the maze’s outer wall when working with partial mesh selections or bounded meshes, with options for Thin, Thick, or None.
  • Advanced Options: Provides additional parameters impacting the bevel and extrude operations.
  • Bevel Amount Type & Path Width: Offers control over the bevel operation and the width of the maze’s path.
  • Clamp Overlay & Loop Slide: Specialized parameters influencing the bevel operation.
  • Offset Relative & Extrude: Enables users to set wall offsets in relation to surrounding geometry and determine the height of maze walls.
  • Offset Even, Thickness & Outset: Fine-tunes wall dimensions, ensuring even wall top width, setting tapered profiles, and defining the extent of tapering into the path area.
  • Performance Metrics: Efficient maze generation on large meshes, optimized for specific parameter alterations.