Mesh Heal

Mesh Heal is an add-on designed for advanced mesh cleaning and healing. It’s designed to address some of the limitations of Blender’s default routines, especially in challenging cases like converting non-manifold isosurfaces into manifold surfaces with consistent face normals for volumetric rendering.

Key features:

  • Simple Clean: A convenience operator that merges closeby vertices, runs the Delete Overlapping Neighbor Faces operator, removes non-manifold vertices, edges, and faces, and deletes edges and vertices not part of faces.
  • Delete Overlapping Neighbor Faces: Removes overlapping neighbor faces and dangling edges and vertices.
  • Sew Mesh: Reduces the number of boundary edges in a mesh by merging pairs of closeby boundary vertices, effectively sewing open seams.
  • Triangulate Twisted Faces: Splits twisted faces into triangles based on the angle between the face normal and vertex vectors.
  • Clean and Patch: The main mesh cleaning routine that attempts to create closed volumes by merging vertices, removing bad faces, and refilling boundary holes.
  • Fill Holes (Sharp): Fills boundary edges with triangles using a ‘sharpest angle first’ approach, connecting neighboring boundary edges in order of vertex angle sharpness.
  • MH Recalc Norms: Recalculates normals of an object using a recursive outward face normal casting and propagation method. This operator is effective on closed surfaces and supports layers of surfaces inside surfaces.