Mesh Heal is an add-on designed for repairing and restoring mesh objects. It enables the restoration of mesh by removing selected faces and reconstructing the missing parts to their original form, applicable to flat surfaces, edges, or corners. The tool serves as a companion for hard surface modeling, offering a straightforward solution for mesh repair.

Key Features:

  • Mesh Restoration: Allows for the erasure of selected faces and the reconstruction of the missing part to its original form, suitable for various mesh repair needs.
  • Selection Methods: Provides options for selecting faces to heal, either through direct selection or by using a unique material assigned to the area, with the 3D cursor for precise positioning.
  • Healing Functions: Features “Heal” for edge and face restoration and “Corner Heal” for corner reconstruction, with settings adjustable to the specific repair task.
  • Boost Option: Incorporates a “Boost” feature for tackling particularly challenging areas.