Mesh Data Transfer

Mesh Data Transfer

With the Mesh Data Transfer Addon we can tranfer data from one Mesh to another. The data can be the shape, UV, shape key and Vertex Group. For examply you can give a sphere the shape of the monkey. It doesn’t even need the same count of vertices .

What the use-case is, is not very clear to me, but pretty sure it will open some doors. A shape-shifting sphere maybe that mimics shapes from it’s environment during animation? Or is it handy as tool for modeling? In case you find an interesting use-case don’t hesitate to put it in the comments below.

How does the Mesh Data Transfer Addon Work?

Select one object you want to affect. In the UI of the addon you make a selection of what you want to do. Below a screenshot of the UI.

UI of the Mesh Data Transfer Addon
UI of the Mesh Data Transfer Addon

In the cover image of this article I selected a sphere and under Source; Suzanne. Then I pressed Transfer Shape. The little button (blue square) behind that, is to make it a shape key.

The Sample Space is a way how the data is sampled. Most likely you want to keep it on Local. When pressing Transfer Shape, in this case, the Sphere get the shape of the monkey. The amount of vertices stays the same.

You can also assign some vertices in Edit mode of the Monkey. And when you then you transfer vertex groups, the addon will do it’s best to make matching vertex groups for the sphere.

Where to download the Mesh Data Transfer Addon?

You can download the Mesh Data Transform on Gumtree.

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