Mesh Align Plus is a Blender add-on for precise movement and alignment in modeling. It enables the alignment of objects and mesh fragments based on selected surface features, without modifying the underlying mesh data. The add-on is ideal for hard surface modelers and professionals in mechanical, architectural, and CAD/CAM fields, providing tools for complex custom transformations using various measurements from the models.

Key Features:

  • Align Points, Lines, and Planes: Align specific points, lines, or planes on the mesh for precise modeling.
  • Axis Rotate and Directional Slide: Perform rotations along a specified axis and slide mesh parts in a specific direction for accurate alignment.
  • Match Edge Scale: Ensure consistent edge scaling across the mesh.
  • Extra Tools: Additional tools include Distribute Objects and Align Objects for enhanced object management.
  • Helper Panels: Utilize Calculate and Compose and Geometry Manager for complex calculations and geometric management.