MemSaver is a Blender add-on designed to reduce VRAM consumption by resizing textures and decimating meshes based on their size and distance in the final render. It calculates how large each object will appear in the rendered output and scales down textures and geometry accordingly. The add-on supports animations and leaves original images untouched, saving downscaled versions in a cache folder. This makes MemSaver particularly useful for large projects or when working with limited hardware capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Adaptive Optimize: Tailors optimization settings to the specific needs of the scene.
  • Adaptive Mesh Decimation: Eliminates unnecessary geometry based on the object’s distance from the camera, reducing computational requirements.
  • Adaptive Image Resize: Adjusts image sizes based on their visibility in the camera view, optimizing texture sizes for objects based on their distance from the camera.
  • Animation Support: Considers all animation frames when calculating necessary image sizes, ensuring optimal results while conserving memory.
  • Resize Images: Provides two methods for image resizing, using caching to store downscaled images. Original files are left untouched, allowing for easy reversion to the original state.
  • Support for UDIMs and Sequences: Fully supports UDIM workflows and image sequences, resizing them as needed.
  • Estimate Memory Usage: Generates an HTML report that lists all images and meshes along with their VRAM consumption, helping to identify high-memory elements in the scene.