MEGA-POLIS is a data-driven urban design toolkit, extending the Sverchok add-on.

Key features:

  • Gathering Nodes: Includes nodes for reading various data formats like GIS, CSV, DEM, LAS, and more.
  • Analysis Nodes: Features nodes for DEM terrain attributes, network analyses, shortest path, and Whitebox GIS tool connection.
  • Object Detection and Segmentation: Offers nodes for object detection (YoloV5), Detectron (instance and panoptic segmentation), and correlation analysis.
  • Generation Nodes: Provides nodes for converting CSV to dataframe, mapping lat-lon to points, and other data generation functionalities.
  • Visualization Nodes: Contains nodes for Seaborn plotting, WebVR connector (A-Frame), dashboard creation, and data visualization.
  • Dataframe and Map Utilities: Includes nodes for pandas dataframe manipulation, map loading, and other utilities related to data handling.