MeasureIt_ARCH adds tools for creating design documentation and technical drawings. These can be previewed within Blender’s 3D viewport and exported as images, vector graphics, or .dxf files.

Key Features:

  • Main Tool Panel: Add MeasureIt_ARCH elements to the 3D scene from this panel located on the right of the 3D Viewport. Toggle the tool panel visibility by pressing the “n” key.
  • Show/Hide MeasureIt_ARCH Toggle: This toggle shows and hides all items created by MeasureIt_ARCH.
  • Selected Object Only Toggle: When disabled, MeasureIt_ARCH will only show elements attached to the currently selected objects.
  • Highlight Active: Enable this to have the active MeasureIt_ARCH element highlighted in Blender’s selection color.
  • Show Gizmos: Enable this to show gizmos for all elements attached to the selected object.

Relevant addons

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