MatLayer is an add-on that drastically speeds up and simplifies the material editing workflow by providing a wrapper user interface for Blender’s vanilla material nodes. It helps create optimized, professional quality materials and textures for game engines, VRChat, still renders, movies, and more.

Key Features:

  • PBR Material Layer Stack UI
  • One-Click Mesh Map Baking for high poly to low poly normals, ambient occlusion, curvature, thickness, and world space normals
  • One-Click Texture Exporting for common formats and software
  • Appendable Workspace ideal for material editing with MatLayer
  • Fast Texture Set Importing
  • Triplanar Projection
  • Merge Materials with automatic mesh map application (smart materials)
  • Export All Materials on an Object to a single texture set
  • Full Global and Per Layer Texture Set Control
  • Integrated Default Filters for material channels
  • Multi-Masking for material layers
  • Custom Export Templates with texture channel packing
  • Non-Destructive Decal Layers
  • Auto-Corrections for Normal Map Rotations
  • Blending Modes for Normal Maps (including re-oriented normal blending)
  • Support for Adding Custom Group Nodes to layers
  • Integrated Blurring for textures
  • Basic Brush Presets
  • Automatic Image File Management Options
  • HDRI Setup for rendered view
  • Custom Atlasing Support

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Specification Sheet

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