Material Replacer is an add-on designed to streamline the workflow in projects involving multiple materials, especially in collaborative environments. It addresses the challenge of replacing materials across a scene efficiently, a task that becomes increasingly complex with the scale of the project.

Key Features:

  • Batch Material Replacement: Allows for the replacement of all materials in a scene, facilitating the update from one material version to another (e.g., “mat_body” to “mat_body.001”).
  • Hide and Restore Materials on Objects: Temporarily removes all materials from objects, preserving connections for memory optimization in the 3D viewport. Materials can be restored to their respective objects.
  • Remove Duplicate Materials: Cleans up the Blender file by removing all duplicate materials and reassigning the original material if it exists.
  • Inverse Function: Provides an inverse operation for material replacement.
  • Notification for Updates: Alerts users when a new update is available, ensuring the tool remains current with the latest features and improvements.