Material Picker is an add-on designed to streamline the process of finding and editing materials. It offers a user-friendly approach to accessing and managing materials directly from the viewport or the Shader Editor.

Key Features:

  • Viewport Material Picking: Enables users to pick any material directly from the viewport by simply hovering over it.
  • Material Browser: Offers an intuitive way to browse and manage all materials, enhancing organization and efficiency.
  • Material Search: Allows quick access to any material straight from the workspace, automatically synchronizing with the Material Browser for a seamless workflow.
  • Compatibility with Various Workflows: Material Picker is versatile and works effectively regardless of the workflow being used.
  • Support for Geometry Nodes: When picking materials from objects with geometry nodes or other modifiers, a new hidden object is created with the material ready for editing.
  • Linked Objects: Facilitates editing linked materials by automatically opening the corresponding file, with updates reflected immediately upon returning to the main file.
  • Instanced Objects: When selecting a material from instanced objects, the original object is automatically located and selected, with the chosen material active.