Mask Tools

The Mask Tools addon allows us to convert vertex groups to masks for sculpting and vice versa. As a consequence of this a whole set of features possible which could take otherwise to many steps.

How to use the Mask Tools Addon?

There are loads of features in this add-on but I will discuss the most simple one. And after that it might be useful to take a look at the video.

  • Place Suzanne in the scene (Shift+A > Monkey) and subdivide it. (Ctrl+2). Apply the modifier in the properties panel.
  • In Edit mode, deselect all (A, and press A again) and select one vertex in one of one of Suzanne’s eye. Press L. Now one eye is completely selected. Hover the mouse cursor in front of the other eye and press L.
  • Go in the Properties panel > Object Data TAB. Press the +button in Vertex Groups. Then Click the button Assign. Now a vertex group is assigned to Suzanne’s eyes.
  • Go in Sculpt Mode and go to the Mask Tools addon in the N-panel. Click on Import Mask > New Mask. You have to move (pan, rotate) a little bit so the 3D view gets a refresh.
  • Use the Clay brush and sculpt around the eye.
  • Wat we did was otherwise not easy to do; Masking the monkey’s eye with the Mask Brush, right?

But there are loads of other features, to much to discuss here. Here a very quick overview of some of the features.

  • Mask Fatt/Less. To expand the mask selection of shrink.
  • Mask Smooth/Sharp. So soften or harden the mask selection.
  • Save Mask to Vertex Group.
  • Displace modifier. To displace the geometry what is masked.
  • Solidify and Smooth. To solidify and smooth what is masked.
  • Remove, Duplicate and Separate. For example Suzanne’s eyes will now be a separate object.

Where to download the Mask Tools Addon?

You can download the Mask Tools addon on Github. This time extract the .zip file after downloading, and then select the folder (for Windows: maskTools_2-8) and send it to compress folder. (In other words, make a .zip file of the folder.) Then in Blender as usual: Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install, browser to the .zip file and install. Active the addon and save preferences. You can find the Mask Tools addon in the N-panel.

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