Malt is a fully customizable real-time rendering framework for animation and illustration. It is tailored for artists seeking more control over their workflow or art style, with a special emphasis on the needs of stylized non-photorealistic rendering.


  • Real-Time Rendering: Offers real-time rendering capabilities.
  • Full Blender Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Blender.
  • Built-in Pipeline for Stylized Non-Photorealistic Rendering: Includes stylized shading models, light groups, and line rendering. It is fully customizable through nodes, including materials, light shaders, screen shaders, and the render pipeline itself.
  • Code as a First-Class Citizen: Features auto-reloading for everything, integration with VSCode (including GLSL intellisense) and Renderdoc, automatic generation of nodes from plain GLSL functions, automatic UI for shader and pipeline parameters, and 100% customizable Python render pipelines.