The m3addon is a Blender add-on for importing and exporting models in the .m3 format, which is utilized in Blizzard’s games, including StarCraft II and Heroes of the Storm.

Key Features:

  • Import and Export .m3 Format: Enables Blender to handle .m3 files, supporting both import and export operations.
  • Support for Various Content: The add-on allows for the export and import of animations, meshes with up to 4 UV layers, and known M3 materials such as standard, displacement, composite, terrain, volume, creep, volume noise, and splat terrain bake materials.
  • Comprehensive Material Support: Includes support for M3 particle systems, forces, attachment points and volumes, cameras, lights, rigid bodies, physics joints, projections, ribbons, billboard behaviors, turret behaviors, and inverse kinematic chains.
  • Conversion Tools: Features scripts like m3ToXml.py for converting an m3 file into an XML file and xmlToM3.py for converting back, utilizing the structures.xml file for parsing m3 files.
  • Blender Integration: Adds panels to the scene tab of the properties editor in Blender, enhancing the user interface for working with .m3 files.