Loom is a Blender add-on created to streamline the process of rendering image sequences and specific frames.

Key Features:

  • Render Image Sequence Dialog: Enables rendering of complex frame ranges, single frames, and subframes without manipulating the Timeline.
  • Batch Render Dialog: Allows rendering and encoding of multiple .blend files in one go.
  • Encode Image Sequence Dialog: Enables encoding of image sequences to ProRes or DNxHD/DNxHR if FFmpeg is installed.
  • Utilities: Includes various utilities such as displaying the final Output Path and a list of all File Output nodes.
  • Render Version: Allows changing the actual version string on the fly when adding a version number to the Output Path.
  • Render Specific Keyframes: Enables rendering of specific keyframes selected in the Timeline, Dope Sheet, or the Graph Editor.
  • File Path Variables: Allows replacement of all occurrences of any global variable defined in the Addon Preferences.
  • Render Presets: Enables storage of custom presets for all necessary render properties for reuse.
  • Markers: Adds three new operators to the Marker menu of the Timeline for generating, unbinding, and batch renaming markers.
  • Rename File Sequence: Allows renaming of any arbitrary image or file sequence on disk.
  • Project Setup: Enables creation of all relevant main folders for the current project and automatically sets the Output Path to the render folder.

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