Logo Tracer is an add-on for Blender that automatically converts any image into a mesh or curve object, eliminating the need for SVG files and external software. It offers a simple workflow for creating 3D models of logos, shapes, or text, and allows for real-time adjustments to sample quality, threshold, and smoothness.

Key Features:

  • Super Simple Workflow: Select an image file, click “Preview,” tweak settings, and apply as a curve or mesh.
  • Completely Dynamic: Make real-time adjustments to sample quality, threshold, and smoothness without the need for exporting and importing.
  • Built-in Optimization: Control the Mesh or Curve resolution and trim down unnecessary features, ideal for generating low-poly versions.
  • Alpha Option: Use the “Use Alpha” option for images that are not black and white.
  • Automatic Unwrapping: The generated object is automatically unwrapped with correct proportions to match the image.

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