I believe the EV Express addon deserves a bit more fame. Therefore I organise a Live Stream about the EV Express addon today (12-12-2019 20:00 UCT). The link to the channel is; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrRilykeqb6WzYpxaUTzzgg

What is new in the EV Express addon


The very last update is the looks under color management. Before we had only looks like: Base Contrast, Medium High Contrast, Very High Contrast, etc. I added a few more like: NMS-HC Warm, NMS-HC Cyan Cold. NMS stands for: New Media Supply, and HC stands for High contrast. And if you see L_Blue that means there is more blue in the shadows. The darkwash look is exactly the same as Very High Contrast, but has a little bit offset in the shadows, so the shadows are not pure black.

Looks in the last update of the EV Express addon

Thumbnails and presets

We have now thumbnails in the EV Express. When clicking on one of the thumbnails it will add a backdrop, light rig and the three point light. This means you get a complete light setup. And if you click on another preset, the backdrop and lights will be replaced by new ones. Now, all you have to do is:

  • Select a preset
  • Click: render settings 1
  • Then click: bake
  • And finally click: render setttings 2

And there you have a complete lighting setup with lights, probes, backdrop, smoke, all with the best render settings, light settings, probe-settings, etc.

Below the thumbnails which shows a female bust made by CGCookie (blendswap).

Where to get the EV Express addon?

The best place (convenient, reliable) is on Blender Market.

Why should I get the EV Express addon?

First of all, I spend nearly a year developing the EV Express addon. While it started with a fairly simple addon, it grew out to be more like a framework. Al the parts of the EV Express are designed to make working with Blender 2.8 faster after you are finished modeling.

There are loads of addons for modeling, but not so many for setting up lighting and rendering in EEVEE.

You also support Blender-addons.org by buying the EV Express addon. I received some donations the past six months, but it isn’t enought to keep blender-addons in the air. And why not buying a product instead of donating. This way we can help eachother. I believe the EV Express addon deserves a bit more attention, and that way it helps me doing things for the Blender community.

In case you have already the EV Express addon there are way you can help. For example: rate, like, engage, post with #EVexpress, ask, suggest, etc.

In case you cannot attend the live stream, don’t worry, there will be more live streams every two weeks.



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