Link Curve is an add-on designed to facilitate the placement of segments along a curve with both non-deformed and controlled deformation options. It is especially useful for creating chains, tank tracks, corrugations, and various other complex shapes and structures.

Key Features:

  • Segment Placement Along Curves: Allows for starting segments along a curve without deformation and with controlled deformation of the segment.
  • Versatile Curve Work: Enables working with curves to create chains, tank tracks, corrugations, complex cylindrical parts without cylinders, and flexible shapes.
  • Tire Creation and Configuration: Offers a more convenient method for creating and configuring tires.
  • Mesh Creation During Deformation: Allows for the creation of a mesh during deformation using geometric primitives.
  • Placement Methods: Provides two methods of placing objects on the curve – by units and by meters. Includes a scale button in the meter method for adjusting object size and quantity on the curve.
  • Alternation Feature: Enables the selection of two objects for alternation. When enabled, objects alternate along the curve.
  • Position Adjustment: Allows for the adjustment of object positions along the axes on the curve, with separate panels for the first and second objects.
  • Global Scale and Rotation: Offers the ability to adjust the scale and rotation of all objects along the axes.
  • Instance and No Instance Options: Includes options for object rotation and placement with or without alternation.
  • Chain Creation with Two Segments: Facilitates creating a chain of two segments without alternation by placing them in the same positions with different pivot points.