Lily Surface Scrapper

The Lily Surface Scrapper addon for Blender 2.8 is the most convenient way to import textures in Blender. No need anymore to download a big library and this way you can build up your own library way more consistent. After an introduction of the addon, I show you tips on how to get a better material library.

How the Lily Scrapper Addon works

It works really simple. First save your Blend-file. Then browse to a website like For example a link like this: Copy that link in the address-bar of your Browser, and past that link in the Lily Scrapper Addon. The addon will ask you then what variant you would like (2K, 4K, 8K). Then the addon will download the texture and setup a node-tree for you.

Tips on how to use the Lily Scrapper Addon – Video

Discussed in the video:

  • Textures can from everywhere and from different devices each with other settings like exposure, white balance, etc. Somehow you will want to have a point of reference or more consistency in your material library. Take a look at plausible albedo values on: Wikipedia. There, you will see the fresh snow, or white snow has an albedo value of R:0.8, G:0.8 and B:0.8. But often in texture we download from the internet we see the value 1.0 for each R,G,B. Or the value 0. Both of these values doesn’t exist for materials in the real world.
  • Anyhow, we will want to adjust the textures. To get a reference add a backdrop or a greycard in the scene, close to the object you apply material on. Then open the node editor and give each RBG value 0.18. That is called mid-grey.
  • Then play with false color in the Properties panel > Render TAB > Colormanagement > Filmic > View Transform. Play or with the exposure or the strength of the light so that the grey-card looks grey. Then you can to back to View Transform: Filmic and now we have some reference.

Where to download the Lily Surface Scrapper addon?

You can download the Lily Surface Scrapper addon on Github. Install is as usual. So that means download .zip file and in Blender you go to Edit > Preferences > Addons > Install. Then browser to the .zip file you just downloaded and press Install. Finally activate, save preferences and refresh. For more information check the thread on

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