Light Wrangler is an add-on designed to automate and simplify the lighting process within Blender. It introduces a point-and-click approach to lighting, where users can easily illuminate specific areas of their scene with precision. The add-on is equipped with smart placement technology, ensuring lights are automatically positioned to best highlight the targeted area.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Lighting: Enables easy placement of lights by pointing at the desired area to illuminate, with the add-on automatically positioning the light for optimal illumination.
  • Mouse Wheel Adjustments: Offers control over light power, size, distance, and spread using the mouse wheel, along with modifier keys for precise adjustments.
  • Adjust Previously Added Lights: Allows for the modification of existing lights using the same automated placement mode, facilitating hassle-free adjustments to lighting setups.
  • Toggle Positioning Modes: Includes Reflect Mode for emphasizing reflections on surfaces, Orbit Mode for manual light adjustment, and Direct Mode for direct illumination beneath the cursor.
  • Procedural Scrim Light (Cycles-Only): Transforms a standard area light into a softbox-like setup, adjustable for creating soft lighting effects on glossy objects.
  • HDRI Light Textures (Beta): Provides access to studio-grade HDRI textures for realistic lighting, including options like Octabox, Parabolic Reflector, and LED panel.
  • Gobo Light Textures (Beta): Features Gobo textures for casting beautiful shadows within the scene, compatible with both Area and Spot lights.
  • IES Light Profiles (Beta): Utilizes IES light profiles for Point lights, accurately replicating the emission patterns of various lighting fixtures.