Light Painter is an add-on that allows users to paint lights directly onto objects’ surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Point, Spot, and Area Lamps: Users can choose between different types of light including point, spot, and area lamps.
  • Customizable Parameters: After painting, parameters like light color, distance, power, and ray visibility settings can be adjusted.
  • Mesh and Tube Light Paint: Create mesh lights with emissive materials, offering extra parameters for shape customization. Tube lights turn each stroke into a tube of light.
  • Sky Paint: Allows for drawing onto an environment to set the direction of a sky texture or sun lamp. Offers options for determining direction, including “average” and “occlusion,” as well as a “Max Sun Elevation” parameter for more dynamic lighting.
  • Shadow Paint: Enables painting of flags to cast shadows on surfaces. Parameters like position, flag color, and opacity can be adjusted.