Light Field Rendering Blender Plugin

The Light Field Rendering Blender Plugin assists in creating and rendering light fields.

Key Features:

  • Light Field Rendering: Allows users to render scenes using a grid of camera positions, enabling the creation of light fields within Blender.
  • Customizable Camera Grid: Provides control over the size of the camera grid with adjustable columns and rows. This feature is essential for determining the density and scope of the light field.
  • Distance Settings: Includes settings for ‘base x’ and ‘base y’, which define the distance between neighboring camera positions. This allows for precise spacing in the camera grid, measured in Blender’s units (meters).
  • Rendering Interruption: Offers the ability to interrupt the rendering process, providing flexibility during long or complex rendering tasks.
  • Visual Grid Indicators: When light field rendering is enabled, a rectangle outline associated with the camera is displayed in the 3D view, indicating the range of the camera grid. This visual aid helps users understand the extent of the light field coverage.
  • Scripting Integration: The add-on can be used in scripts, allowing for automated and programmatically controlled light field rendering. Each camera has an additional lightfield attribute for script-based customization.

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