LeoMoon LightStudio

LeoMoon LightStudio (formerly known as Blender Light Studio) is an add-on designed to provide the easiest, fastest, and most advanced lighting system for Blender. It allows for extensive customization of lighting setups, enhancing the workflow for lighting scenes.

Key features:

  • Add/Remove Lights: Easily add or remove lights around objects.
  • Multiple Light Profiles: Create and switch between multiple light profiles with a single click.
  • Customizable Lights: Each light offers many options for customization, including different light textures.
  • Animated Light Options: All light options can be animated for dynamic lighting effects.
  • Fast Render Updates: Experience fast render updates while adjusting lighting.
  • Realistic HDR Textures: Includes 15 realistic HDR light textures.
  • 2D Light Manipulation: Manipulate lights in 2D in the LightStudio Control Panel, translating to positioning in 3D space.
  • Light Toggles and Isolation: Toggle lights by double-clicking and isolate lights by right-clicking in the LightPanel.
  • Render Layer Integration: Add lights to different render layers.
  • Import/Export Light Profiles: Import and export light profiles for use in different projects.