Lazy Bones is a Blender add-on designed to accelerate the process of bone creation and placement during rigging, making it especially useful for handling complex shapes.

Key Features:

  • Convert Selected Edges to Bones: Allows for the quick conversion of selected mesh edges into bone structures, facilitating the initial steps of rigging.
  • Auto Create Skeletons Using Simulation Nodes: Employs simulation nodes to automatically generate skeletons, offering a preliminary setup for bone placement that users can refine manually.
  • Quick Bone Cleanup Functions: Provides functions to clean up and refine the bone setup after initial creation.
  • Edge to Bone: This core function of the add-on helps create bone chains that point away from the 3D cursor, facilitating quick orientation. Additional control is available through bone cleanup options, which can refine or decimate bones during creation.
  • Bone Doctor: Includes several functions accessible from object mode that streamline bone management without the need to select individual bones. Features include targeting bones individually or collectively, selecting all visible armatures, displaying or hiding axes for selected armatures, setting bone rolls, switching the direction of all bones in selected armatures, and deleting all bones on a specified axis to check symmetry quickly.

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