Launch Control (LC) is an add-on crafted to streamline the rigging and animation of 4-wheeled vehicles. It integrates seamlessly with Blender, offering an interface that combines ease of use with comprehensive customization options. Through a blend of presets and automated functions, LC accelerates the animation workflow, allowing for real-time physics and animation without the need for baking.

Key features:

  • Launch Control Core: Enables users to quickly rig vehicles, animate with presets or a user-defined path, and apply real-time physics.
  • Manual Gearbox: Offers expanded features for deeper project customization. Users can set up realistic headlight beams, generate skid marks automatically, and utilize a tracking and following cinematographer. The Manual Gearbox also includes a jump trajectory calculator and a quick export feature for Unreal Engine or other DCC tools. Additional animation controls and ground detection customization are accessible in this section.
  • Viewport Handles: Provides interactive handles outside the add-in interface for precise animation control of the vehicle. These handles allow for the adjustment of camber/toe for each wheel and include a floating UI for tracking rig adjustments. Users can modify the maximum steering angle, suspension length, shock bottom-out distance, and opt for a single rear axle or 4-wheel steering setup.
  • User Preferences: Within the add-on preferences, global settings can be adjusted and saved across all Blender files. This feature lets users alter LC’s behavior during rigging and animation and customize the interface display to suit their workflow preferences.