KOMIKAZE 2.1 is a comprehensive collection of over 200 shaders, modifiers, compositor effects, and assets tailored for creating comics and toon-style art in Blender. The toolset is ideal for achieving styles reminiscent of Manga, Anime, or Spiderverse quickly and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • 200+ New Shaders & Modifiers: A vast array of new shaders and modifiers that are easy to layer and combine.
  • Works with Multiple Lights and Colored Lights: The shaders and modifiers work effectively with multiple lights and colored lighting setups.
  • Drag-and-Drop from Asset Browser: Enables quick and easy application of shaders and effects from the Blender asset browser.
  • Improved Cycles Compatibility: Shaders and effects have enhanced compatibility with Blender’s Cycles rendering engine.
  • Real-Time Performance: All features work in real-time within Blender EEVEE.
  • Multiple Mapping and Output Options: Provides extensive mapping and output options for each shader.
  • Bonus Text Boxes, Lens Flares & Color Palettes: Includes additional creative assets to enrich projects.
  • One-Click Outlines: Allows for the easy creation of outlines with just one click.
  • Free Updates for Life: Ensures users receive all future updates at no extra cost.