Keyframe Nudge

Keyframe Nudge is an add-on for quick and efficient keyframe manipulation, offering a dedicated OpenGL UI in the 3D Viewport. It provides various tools and scripts for adjusting keyframes and their positions.

Key Features:

  • Tool State Button: Allows switching between scripts related to regular keyframes and Grease Pencil keyframes.
  • Position Control: Enables changing the position of the panel in the 3D Viewport.
  • Push/Pull: Alters the mode of the ‘+,-‘ buttons, affecting keyframe positioning.
  • Frames-Seconds Button: Switches the number field’s input mode from frames to seconds.
  • Plus Minus Button: Executes ‘Push/Pull’ or ‘Nudge’ scripts with a specified value, altering the time.
  • Number Field: Selects values for various scripts, allowing for precise keyframe adjustments.
  • Hold For Button: Executes the ‘Hold For’ script, arranging selected keyframes to have equal distance.
  • Come Over Button: Moves all keyframes from a selected keyframe in +time to the timeline marker’s position.
  • Inbetween Slider: Executes the ‘Inbetween’ Script, creating or editing keyframes based on different conditions.