Kaleidoscope is an add-on offering a small collection of creative nodes to generate color palettes and store values, enhancing the workflow in Cycles and Eevee. It simplifies the process of creating diverse and visually appealing materials by providing easy access to a wide range of color schemes and predefined values for various constants.

Key Features:

  • Spectrum Node: Allows the generation of diverse color schemes and palettes.
  • Spectrum Engine: Powers the creation of infinite color shades and palettes within the Spectrum node.
  • Color Rules: Offers options like Monochromatic, Analogous, and Triadic for automated palette generation.
  • Global Color Controls: Manipulate Hue, Saturation, and Value across the entire palette with ease.
  • Live Palette Updates: See live changes in the entire scene when generating a new palette.
  • Online Palette Library: Access a vast library of popular palettes directly within the Spectrum node.
  • COLOURLovers Integration: Fetch beautiful palettes from COLOURLovers within the Spectrum node.
  • Intensity Node: Provides a collection of predefined values for various constants in Blender.
  • Glass IOR Values: Ensures the creation of physically accurate materials by offering quick access to Glass IOR values such as Water and Diamond.
  • Blackbody Values: Access Blackbody values within the Intensity node for enhanced material creation.

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