K-Cycles is a custom build of the Cycles render engine optimized for Nvidia GPUs. It offers enhanced rendering performance, ultra lighting, post FX, and a range of other features designed to improve both viewport and final renders.

Key Features:

  • Rendering Performance: Optimized for faster viewport and final renders.
  • Ultra Lighting: Comprehensive lighting features for Cycles.
  • Ultra Denoiser: Utilizes the latest Intel denoiser technology for cleaner images.
  • Animation Denoiser: Uses OptiX temporal denoising to improve animation render times.
  • Camera Mode/Overrides: Allows individual settings per camera for lighting and post FX.
  • Render Cameras: Enables rendering of individual cameras to the image editor or to save file render.
  • Global Illumination Presets: Allows scene lighting settings for faster rendering or higher lighting quality.
  • Sampling Render Presets: Controls render time, noise level, and image quality.
  • Physically Based Light and Shadow Linking: Offers creative control of lighting and shadows.
  • Full Compatibility: Fully compatible with Cycles and all Blender add-ons.
  • Regular Updates: Regular stable release and alpha builds updates with the latest features from Blender.
  • Optimized Version: One version optimized for both Optix, Cuda, and HIP.
  • Ease of Use: Easy to use without the need of changing Cycles settings for fast performance.