Just Panels

Just Panels is a Blender add-on designed for creating quick panel surfaces, equipped with over 300 assets including 200+ Kitops inserts, 25+ panel decals, and 40+ additional decals. It offers a range of techniques for panel creation that are suitable for digital art, game assets, and 3D printable models.

Key Features:

  • Make Panel: Non-destructively creates a panel line in the last selected object where it intersects with others.
  • Make Panel (2D): Uses a 2D shape to project onto the 3D object, allowing users to specify the panel depth and apply bevels only to the lateral edges.
  • Make Panel (Slice): Separates the object into two parts for easier beveling and a smoother panel line.
  • Make Panel From Faces: An additive method that extrudes selected faces and adds a bevel modifier for smooth results.
  • Make Panel (3D Printable): Creates a panel connected to the original mesh, making it suitable for 3D printing.

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