JMesh Tools

JMesh Tools is a Blender add-on designed for hardsurface modeling, offering a variety of features to simplify the modeling process.

Key features:

  • Booleans: In the JMesh tools panel, users can find a Booleans section to perform operations like Difference, Union, Slice, and Intersect on selected objects.
  • Primitive Mode: This main feature allows users to draw 2D primitives in the 3D viewport onto objects in the scene. It supports Circle, Rectangle, Polyline, and Curve objects and can be activated from the panel or with the shortcut Control + Shift + P.
  • Bevels: Users can add nicely shaded bevels to Blender objects, with options to define the number of segments for the beveled edges and the bevel width.
  • Arrays: The add-on simplifies the addition of Array modifiers to objects, with options to define the number of array items.
  • Cloth Simulation & Pressure: Users can add a cloth modifier with pinned edges and pressure to a mesh in one click, with options to define the pressure and shrinking.
  • Circular Arrays: In primitive mode, users can use circular arrays, adding the array by clicking the blue shape action.