JewelCraft is a jewelry design toolkit add-on. It streamlines the process of creating jewelry designs by offering a range of features tailored for the industry.

Key Features:

  • Create and Customize Gems, Prongs, and Cutters: Facilitates the creation and customization of essential jewelry components including gems, prongs, and cutters.
  • Organize Library of Components: Utilizes an in-add-on asset manager to organize a comprehensive library of components.
  • Manage Distances Between Gems: Allows for the management of distances between gems, ensuring the creation of compact settings in jewelry designs.
  • Calculate Weight in Precious Alloys: Provides the functionality to calculate the weight of jewelry in a variety of precious alloys.
  • Generate Color-Coded Gem Map: Enables the generation of color-coded gem maps for enhanced visualization and planning.
  • Present Summary Information About Design: Offers a feature to present summary information about the jewelry design.
  • Multilingual Support: Translated to multiple languages including English, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, French, and Simplified Chinese.