JD Rigging Tools

JD Rigging Tools is a Blender Add-on created to assist in performing simple rigging actions more efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Base Rig Creation: Automatically creates a Base Rig (armature) object with All, main, main_offset CTL bones, and TGT_root bone. It sets bones in the hierarchy, creates constraints, assigns widget objects, bone layers, and bone groups. Widget objects are assigned to a hidden collection.
  • World Bones: Generates an edit bone with axis matching the world in the active armature. The head of the bone matches the 3D cursor position.
  • Control & Target Bones: Adds CTL and/or TGT bones to selected bones. If both are added, TGT becomes a child of CTL, and the selected bone is constrained to TGT.
  • Mechanical Bones & Constraints: Adds MCH as parents of selected bones and MCH_INT as children of the active bone, then constrains MCH bones to the MCH_INT.
  • Constraints: Allows adding constraints to selected bones, with the active bone as the target.
  • CTL Each: Adds CTL, TGT, and DEF bones at the center of each selected object, creating or adding to an existing armature.
  • WGT Adder: Assigns a new widget object as the selected bones’ Custom Object from a library of object shapes.
  • Add Vertex Group: Adds a vertex group to each selected object with all vertices of the object assigned to the group.

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