Jcurve Tools

JCurve Tools is an add-on that simplifies the process of creating and managing curves and assigning meshes to them.

Key features:

  • Curve Creator: Allows users to enter a Creation Mode for curves, where they can click onto a mesh to define points for the curve. The curve is created by pressing the Enter key, with options to define the depth of the bevel before creation.
  • Curve & Mesh Tools: Enables easy assignment of meshes to curves. Users can select a mesh and any number of curves, then press the Create button to duplicate the mesh and assign it to each selected curve.
  • Mesh Fitting Options: Provides options for how the mesh should fit the curve, including Fixed Length, Fixed Count, or Fit the length of the curve. An Offset between the mesh parts can also be defined.
  • Create Curves From Mesh Selection: Users can select parts of a mesh and convert them into curves with one click, resulting in beveled curves.
  • Loop Mode: Allows users to draw a line crossing a part of the mesh to create a curve snapped to this projected part.