JARCH-Vis aids in the creation and customization of architectural objects.

Key Features:

  • Architecture Types: Allows the creation of siding, flooring, windows, and roofing.
  • Ease of Use: The JARCH Vis panel, located in the 3D Viewport Toolbar, provides easy access to add and manage architectural objects in the scene.
  • Automatic Updates: Modifying any value within the panel automatically updates the mesh object, with an option to update manually for larger or more complex objects.
  • Converting Objects: Enables the conversion of objects made up of planes into a JV object, allowing for the creation of non-rectangular objects.
  • Face Group: Utilizes a collection of faces in the same plane as a mask/boolean object for a JV object, offering two ways to use face groups as cutter objects.
  • Cutouts: Offers an easy way to cut rectangles out of siding, roofing, and flooring objects, with options to manage the location, dimensions, and rotation of the cutout.
  • Materials: Facilitates easy addition of materials to JV objects, with default settings for primary and secondary materials.
  • UV Unwrapping: All JV objects have UV seams added and are automatically unwrapped.