Ivypen is a Blender add-on that simplifies the process of creating realistic ivy by providing easy-to-use parameters and customization options.

Key features:

  • User-Friendly Ivy Creation: Easily add ivy to any object and draw it with the pen tool in edit mode.
  • Customizable Leaf Textures: Use the provided ivy leaf textures or add custom textures with proper origin placement, rotation, and scale.
  • Adjustable Branch Density: Control the number of branches to create lush or sparse ivy (high density may increase calculations and risk crashing Blender).
  • Leaf Density Control: Modify the number of leaves to achieve the desired fullness (high density may increase calculations and risk crashing Blender).
  • Branch Extension Management: Adjust how closely the branches follow the original curve.
  • Variable Leaf Size: Set the maximum and minimum sizes for the leaves for more natural variation.
  • Branch Radius Adjustment: Customize the radius of the branches to fit different design needs.
  • Ivy Length Trimming: Trim the ivy growth along the curve to control its length precisely.
  • Noise Scaling: Control the size and distribution of gaps without branches to add realism.
  • Adaptive Remesh Inflation: Fine-tune the remesh to ensure ivy adapts well to different geometries, from simple shapes to complex photogrammetry scans.

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