Instant Meshes Remesh

Instant Meshes Remesh, as you might guess is an addon to remesh your mesh. For example when you sculpt with Dynotopo, the topology is so ugly that you need to remesh it. This can be done by hand but it takes usually a lot of time. Sometimes you can get away with automatic remesh. Blender has a build in Mesh modifier, but Instant Meshes Remesh that uses the Instant Remesh software is more sophisticated.

The installation procedure can be a little bit tricky, but if you follow the steps below it’s a piece of cake. You need two downloads: the Instant Meshes Remesh addon and the Instant Meshes software. Instant Meshes Remesh is the mediator between Instant Meshes and Blender.

Better alternatives for remeshing

I notice that this article is one of the most articles on the Blender-addons website. That surprises me because there are now quite some alternatives. If you are looking for a free remesher, I suggest you to look at the new addon called Open Source Auto Remesher which is doing quite a better job. And meanwhile we have now also the build in Voxel Remesh in Blender and also the QuadriFlow Remesh. Therefore I don’t see much reason to use Instant Meshes Remesher

How to install the install the Instant Meshes Remesh addon.

  • Download and install Instant Meshes from wjakob on github first.
  • You do this by pressing the green button and choose: Download Zip.
  • Extract the file on a location you prefer. That’s it.
  • Then download the Instant Meshes Remesh by Knekke.
  • And that is the tricky part. It depends a bit on the browser how the file is saved. For example if you do it in Edge, there is a change you see HTML code in the file. In that case it didn’t go well. Check the source (notepad or so) an it has to start with bl_info, not a html tag.
  • So once you have the, open Blender, go to Edit >Preferences > Install. And in the File Browser, look for the file you just downloaded. In the preferences of the addon, you set the path to the Instant Meshes executable. For example in my case: C:\Users\Flatron\Downloads\instant-meshes-windows\Instant Meshes.exe
  • It could be, after installing the addon, you need to restart Blender. In my case it was need.
  • As last, to use the addon, select a mesh, press F3 and type: instant Meshes. Then you will see the settings for Instant Meshes Remesh as in the screenshot here.

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