Images to Video is a Blender add-on designed to quickly process rendered images into a video file or a GIF.

Key features:

  • One-Click Video Creation: Adds buttons in the Properties > Output panel for easy access, enabling users to create a video from rendered images in a single click.
  • Automatic Video Creation Post-Render: Features an ‘auto Launch’ option that automatically creates the video after the render ends.
  • Open Video After Encoding: Includes an ‘Open at finish’ option to automatically play the video after encoding is completed.
  • Quality Presets: Offers three preset options for video creation:
    • Fast: Fast encoding with lightweight output, sacrificing some quality (adds “_L” suffix).
    • Normal: Balances quality, file weight, and encoding time.
    • Final: Slower encoding for super quality and optimized weight (adds “_F” suffix).
  • GIF Creation: Provides a ‘Make Gif’ button to create an optimized GIF from the image sequence, with various settings available in a pre-launch window.