ImagePaste is an add-on designed to simplify the process of copying and pasting images directly from the clipboard into various areas within Blender.

Key Features:

  • Flexible Image Handling: Enables users to copy images to the clipboard and paste them from the clipboard across multiple areas within Blender.
  • Context-Specific Pasting: Supports pasting images in different contexts:
    • Image Editor: Allows copying and pasting of images.
    • Video Sequencer: Facilitates pasting of images as image strips.
    • Shader Editor: Enables pasting of images as textures.
    • 3D Viewport: Supports pasting of images as planes or references.
  • Customizable File Management: Users can define the save directory for images and customize the filename using predefined variables. The default filename includes variables like the add-on name, date, and time.
  • Advanced Saving Options: Offers settings to manage how images are saved or moved within the Blender project. Users can choose to move pasted images, all images, or no images upon saving the file.

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