Idea Gen

Idea Gen is an idea generation helper, offering a convenient solution for generating and pairing random ideas directly within the Blender interface. The add-on is designed to aid users of any experience level in fostering ideas for sculpting or modeling.

Key features:

  • Many Categories and Ideas: Offers numerous categories and ideas to choose from.
  • Combine Categories: Allows combining different categories for more specific and varied ideas.
  • Random Categories Button: Includes random categories buttons in the ‘Extra Panel’ for additional inspiration.
  • Simple Interface: Easily accessible through the ‘N’ tab on the right > IdeaGen, making it convenient to use.
  • Quick Idea Generation: Navigate to the right tab, select categories, and press the ‘Generate Ideas’ button to quickly generate ideas.
  • Customization for Advanced Users: Advanced users can add their own ideas through list editing in Python.
  • Versatile for Artists: Suitable for both 2D and 3D artists, enhancing the creative process with randomized inspiration.

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