IceToolbag is a Blender add-on that offeres a suite of tools and effects designed for the Video Sequence Editor.

Key features:

  • Marker:
    • Batch Rename: Allows renaming all markers with a format similar to C language, where %d represents the index of the marker.
    • Marker Layer: Provides a marker layer manager to switch between layers or rename marker layers.
    • Align to Marker: Utilizes markers to locate the position of strips and align them together.
    • Beat Match: Matches a movie strip and an audio strip according to their corresponding markers.
  • Effects:
    • Convert 2 RichStrip: Prepares a movie strip and an audio strip (or just a movie strip) for effect application by converting them into a RichStrip.
    • Original Effect: Enables additional transformations to the original strip.
    • FastBlur Effect: Offers a faster alternative to Blender’s Gaussian blur, with a caution that results may vary based on proxy settings.
    • Ramp Effect: Similar to the ramp node in Nuke but with less control and some known bugs.
    • Copy Effect: Duplicates the original strip to the top layer.
    • Matte Effect: Provides a simple matte effect.
    • Pixelize Effect: Creates a mosaic effect, with an option to adjust FixScale for edge corrections.
    • Shadow Effect: Adds a shadow to the strip, with animatable shadow color.
    • Mirror Effect: Implements a reflection effect.
    • GMIC: Integrates G’MIC effects into Blender, allowing for stacked effects.
    • Bright/Contrast Effect: Adjusts the brightness and contrast of the strip.
    • Glow Effect: An internal Blender effect for adding glow.
    • Gaussian Blur Effect: Another internal Blender effect for applying Gaussian blur.
  • Gallery:
    • Convert 2 Gallery Strip: Converts a selection of images in one channel into a gallery strip.
    • Mix with Gallery Strip and Rich Strip: Demonstrates the integration of gallery strips with RichStrip.
  • Others:
    • Freeze Frame: Freezes or holds the current frame into an image.