ia scatter Geometry Nodes Blender Add-on

ia scatter is a scattering geometry nodes addon. Simple, effective and complete.

It can be used to scatter polygons on polygons. Abstract, plants, nature, rocks, buildings, antennas on buildings, literally anything on anything.

Current Features:

  • object / collection instancing
  • instances realized into real geometry
  • instance minimum distance
  • viewport optimization (number of instances displayed in viewport)
  • viewport proxy instances (bounding box / convex hull)
  • weight painted instance distribution
  • slope angle distribution
  • relative (base geometry) height distribution
  • textured instance distribution
  • complete instance rotation control with rotation snapping
  • complete instance uniform and non uniform scale control
  • wind effect on instances
  • camera culling
  • level of detail (lod) functionality, 3 levels
  • additional tools to quickly and easily reset the origin of selected objects, select objects of similar size / volume and generate UV maps of selected material of selected object.

more info, instructions and tutorials are available at blendermarket:


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