I/F Joiner is an add-on that allows users to operate Blender using a controller or smartphone app that supports OSC (Open Sound Control) communication. It can execute operators based on received OSC messages, providing a flexible way to control various Blender functions.

Key Features:

  • Receiving OSC Messages: Allows receiving OSC messages to control Blender.
  • Operator Assignment Settings: Assigns operators to execute in response to received OSC messages, with the ability to assign OSC message arguments to operator arguments.
  • Export and Import Settings: Supports exporting and importing assignment settings in JSON format.
  • Start/Stop OSC Server: Provides easy start and stop functionality for the OSC server within Blender.
  • Operator Execution Conditions: Sets conditions for operator execution based on OSC message arguments, supporting up to three float arguments.
  • Save and Load Preferences: Allows saving and loading of Message Map assignments, ensuring settings are retained across sessions.
  • Simulate Keystrokes: Includes operators to simulate key presses, releases, and combined actions.