Human Primitive is an add-on that integrates human base meshes and frequently used human body parts as primitives into Blender’s Add Mesh Menu. Instead of being a detailed human creator, it serves as a straightforward human mesh primitive tool. The add-on emphasizes lower poly models and provides various detail levels and topology styles as foundational points for modeling.

Key Features:

  • Scene Population: Quickly populate scenes with placeholder generic base humans.
  • Modeling Starting Point: Offers a range of detail levels and topology styles, making it an ideal starting point for character modeling.
  • Dummy Character Utility: Acts as a dummy character suitable for testing rigging and animations.
  • Addition of Tedious Body Parts: Easily add commonly intricate human parts such as hands, feet, eyes, and ears to models.
  • Human Base Mesh Integration: Seamlessly add human base meshes directly from the Add Mesh Menu.