The Homemaker add-on is a tool automating the work of designing buildings. It allows users to indicate with simple geometry where they want walls, floors, and roofs, and the software then figures out the necessary building elements to create an industry-standard IFC (BIM) model.

Key features:

  • Automated Building Design: Automates the design of buildings from simple geometry inputs.
  • IFC (BIM) Model Creation: Generates industry-standard IFC models suitable for construction projects.
  • Adaptable Style System: The style system can be subclassed or overridden, allowing customization for different parts of buildings.
  • Fully Compliant IFC Output: Ensures the output is compliant with industry standards.
  • Cross-Platform Design: Initially provided as a Blender add-on but designed for use with other 3D design platforms such as FreeCAD.
  • Pattern Languages for Architectural Design: Utilizes Pattern Languages to form a complete theory of architecture, guiding the design process.
  • Management of Circulation and Stairs: Focuses on reimplementing circulation and stairs management.
  • Extended Style System: Aims to further develop the style system for buildings.
  • Costing, Carbon, and Life Cycle Analysis: Plans to integrate detailed information on quantities, costs, and scheduling into the IFC models.
  • Structural and Environmental Analysis: The generated models contain data for structural and thermal analysis, which need testing in various software.