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Blender Addons provides a list of free and paid addons for Blender. Find the addon you need under categories or tags.

To introduce myself, I am Robert, founder of New Media Supply. On I provided a list of addons that work for Blender 2.80. That list got quite big and I felt it is time to dedicate a website to it, so here it is. A website where we can search for addons in categories and tags. A website dedicated to addons for Blender.

Free in the first place

On this website you can find free Blender 2.8 addons and in a separate section, the shop, the paid addons. I believe free and paid go well together. Each has their place and purpose. In order to be able to run the website there will be some adds related to 3D and Blender. In case you are an add-on developer or you offer a service, you can also place an add on There will be a small commission and that is to pay some bills related to this website and the huge amount of work I spend on it.

And the most important part, enjoy the website whether you are looking for free addons, paid addons, want to advertise, sell your addon or want to submit some news. All idea’s are welcome to stimulate Blender’s ecosystem.

How can I support

There are several ways you can support this website. Here a few ideas:

  • Just a small thing like a visit is already fine.
  • Engagement helps to keep the website healthy, like placing comments.
  • There is also a button called Donate. This is for paying the webhosting provider and maintenance of the website.
  • Instead of a Donation, you can also visit the shop
  • Or engage with one of the links listed below.


Most articles were make during the time of Blender 2.8 to 2.83. The coming weeks I check if all the addons are compatible with 2.9. If you want to help me, then it would be awesome if you post a comment under each addon and let us know if the addon is working or not in Blender 2.9.

Where to find me?

You can find more about me and New Media Supply here:

Robert, founder New Media Supply
(Peetie on