HDRi Maker is a feature-rich add-on designed to create realistic lighting and environments for 3D models in Blender. It offers an extensive library of HDR and EXR images, along with a variety of tools to manage and manipulate these resources effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Extensive HDR and EXR Library: 361 HDR images in resolutions ranging from 1k to 16k and 119 EXR images in resolutions from 1k to 10k.
  • Light Studio: Manages the sun and lights, facilitating the creation of a solid color backdrop and optimal lighting for 3D models.
  • Domes: Offers 5 types of domes, including 3 variants in the shape of a hemisphere, 1 in the shape of a cube, and 1 in the shape of a cylinder.
  • Ground Projection: Allows projection on objects different from the dome.
  • Shadow Catcher: Works in both Cycles and Eevee, and allows for added reflections.
  • Volumetric: Enables the creation and management of animatable volumetric fog.
  • Wrap: Allows for the deformation of the ground of the domes using any object.
  • Blur: Simulates blur directly on the Dome and also on the Background.
  • Hooks: Modifies the perimeter of the dome.
  • Save System: Saves backgrounds and allows for the import of HDR/EXR images on the fly.
  • Batch Import: Import multiple HDR/EXR images at once and save them in the library.
  • Create HDR from Scene: Generate HDR images directly from your Blender scene.
  • Procedural Nodes Management: Manage procedural nodes directly from the interface.
  • Customer Assistance: Available for any problems or bugs.