HDR Nodes offers a comprehensive set of tone mapping tools for world shaders. This add-on brings a feature commonly found in other software, enhancing Blender’s capabilities. It provides various node trees for changing lighting moods, adjusting exposure and contrast, and even reorienting the dome sky.

Key Features:

  • Slope/Offset/Power: Change lighting mood and tone, similar to Blender’s compositor.
  • Lift/Gamma/Gain: Another scheme for altering lighting mood, also found in the compositor.
  • Tone Mapping: Utilize high dynamic range images to adjust exposure and contrast while preserving dynamic range.
  • White Balance: Allows for the adjustment of the white point in your HDRI.
  • Orientation: Freely rotate and reorient the dome sky.
  • Mix: Use different HDRIs for visible parts of the sky, lighting, shadows, and reflections.
  • HDR Mapping: Combines tone mapping and white balance for more comprehensive adjustments.